Weight Loss

This is the section for blog posts related to weight loss, fasting, and health. I’m a big believer in categorizing and ranking information; especially health. I feel that we are deluged with way too much health information and it is all billed as being of equal importance. For example, my Mother died of small cell lung cancer. The dangers of smoking are treated in almost the same terminology as that of grilled meat, but they are really different orders of magnitude. Eventually I will categorize all blog posts by order.

Also I feel most health information is marketed as though everyone should be doing it. This isn’t true. If you were like me 200+ pounds overweight then taking cayenne pepper as a supplement say isn’t going to make a significant contribution to your issue. You probably shouldn’t even be wasting mental energy on figuring it out. However, if you are a bodybuilder seeking to cut the last 5 pounds off for a competition it might be exactly what you need.

Note I recently started this blog so I don’t have a lot of fasting material up yet. For now check out Dr. Fung’s Blog or Diet Doctor.