Getting Derailed While Fasting             Earlier this week I was nursing a limp wrist that was impairing my productivity and workout routine with three days left until I judge at the Memphis in May barbecue fest, and having just taken a day off that I really wanted to be fasting […]

Above is a video of a 20 day Fung fast /16 day water fast I did in late October/early November of 2016. It was the second 20 day fast I did. The previous being about six months before. It took a couple tries to get started. I usually try to eat a high protein meal […]

  When I started fasting for weight loss I was unaware of any large scale success stories other than that of legendary hero of fasting Angus Barbieri, (AKA “The Mad Scottsman”). After I did my initial fast I gradually found a few more, but there are not many out there and aside from Barbieri none seem […]

Where to Start Losing Weight Having done almost everything over the years and only finding real success with fasting, it would seem natural to recommend fasting first. I actually wouldn’t do that, though if you want to do some short fasts or try to restrict yourself to an eating window go ahead. I think the […]

Simplicity – Fasting just makes my life simpler. Unlike diets where I had to worry about food choices and find crunchy 100% cheese chips for snacks I don’t really have to stress out about food because I only am eating in a small window so it limits the planning I need to do. It gets […]