Misguided Medicine: Second Edition: The Truth Behind Ill-Advised Medicine by Colin E. Champ Book Review

Misguided Medicine by Dr. Colin Champ has one of the most informative introductions I’ve ever read. That’s frequently a deprecation of the value of the remainder of the book, but the books very solid as well.

The intro begins with the line that “fifty percent of medicine is wrong”. Dr. Champ discusses the state of medicine and how busy doctors, media, and other societal influences yield to science being over or prematurely interpreted.

The rest of the book is largely a compilation of how dietary advice is unfounded which will be familiar to any readers of low carb advocates. It’s very much like The Secret Life of Fat in that regard. If you had to pick one of the two books, I’d read this one. His perspective as a health care provider really shines through. There’s a very interesting description of vitamins not being processed well via supplement. There’s also a really good section on how animal feeding has changed the nature of the fat found in animals, removing a lot of the really beneficial stuff.

The book’s a hearty recommendation and very well written. If you haven’t read a lot of background diet and nutrition stuff this would be a great start.