First Podcast Interview

I did my first interview about the fasting and weight loss. It’s a newer podcast called Twelve Minute Conversations by Engel Jones. Engels has a rich Caribbean voice that makes for a really interesting and laidback interview style. It’s a unique podcast that has short interviews with interesting people doing four hour work week type stuff mainly. Lots of coaches and entrepreneurs, but a wide variety. I listened to a really good one by a vocal coach.

Have a listen to mine if you’d like.

It was neat doing an interview. We’ve covered that a side effect of being a lawyer is getting to hear yourself talk. I’m not happy with longer lengths due to jaw issues and being out of practice with the chitter chatter. I’ve often said the a career goal for me would be to do something that would justify being on a panel discussion.

It’s interesting to balance being self promotional with being informative. I’m deliberately trying to be honest that I’d like this blog to be a source of income or at least micro-fame in the future since I think it makes it easier to keep a clear focus.

I do like talking about fasting in general though, and if you meet me in person and give me a shot I probably like to blather on about it a little much.

If you have a listen and have any suggestions about future interviews I may end up doing feel free to leave in the comments below.