Where to Start Losing Weight Having done almost everything over the years and only finding real success with fasting, it would seem natural to recommend fasting first. I actually wouldn’t do that, though if you want to do some short fasts or try to restrict yourself to an eating window go ahead. I think the […]

Me Eating Mindfully Dieting is suppose to be about strict rules and careful tracking. I’ve tried that before and it didn’t work. I do try to eat mindfully. Here are some guidelines, you could call them rules that I follow when I’m not fasting. Really I’ve followed these the past ten years at least in […]

Disclaimer – This is Not Intended as legal advice, just general information. You should consult a lawyer for advice specific to your legal situation. The Legal System! Basic Complaints and Answers If you read the papers you will notice that they will either specify that you must file an answer or show up to court […]

Disclaimer: This post is not legal advice, you should consult a lawyer as to your specific situation. Served A knock comes at your door. You get up. You find a slouchy somewhat unkempt man at your door. You crack the door to ask what’s up while taking care not to undo the chain. He says […]

I regularly hire helpers for tasks for my online businesses off upwork or other online sources. It’s good to think of issues that might occur before you try something, so I thought it might be of help to read. I typed this up after an aggravating incident, so it might be too snarky to give […]

Simplicity – Fasting just makes my life simpler. Unlike diets where I had to worry about food choices and find crunchy 100% cheese chips for snacks I don’t really have to stress out about food because I only am eating in a small window so it limits the planning I need to do. It gets […]

People love discussing asset protection. It’s one of those things that make you feel good about your accomplishments in life in that you have something worth protecting. This makes Asset Protection prone to being filled with flim-flam men and “experts” looking to sell you overpriced strategies that aren’t nearly as fool proof as advertised. Being […]

I’m starting this blog prudently. The basic theme is to discuss useful topics with the aim of avoiding stock advice that fits in most but not all situations or to avoid dumbing it down.