Getting Derailed While Fasting             Earlier this week I was nursing a limp wrist that was impairing my productivity and workout routine with three days left until I judge at the Memphis in May barbecue fest, and having just taken a day off that I really wanted to be fasting […]

THE HUNGRY BRAIN: OUTSMARTING THE INSTINCTS THAT MAKE US OVEREAT by Stephen J Guyenet, Ph. D. I’ve watched and read Dr. Guyenet on Youtube and his blog. I get the impression that he’s an exceptionally brilliant researcher. That being said I find his approach to the subject fairly myopically focused on the CICO model. In […]

I did my first interview about the fasting and weight loss. It’s a newer podcast called Twelve Minute Conversations by Engel Jones. Engels has a rich Caribbean voice that makes for a really interesting and laidback interview style. It’s a unique podcast that has short interviews with interesting people doing four hour work week type […]

The Secret Life of Fat – Sylvia Tara, PhD I remember going to a slim nutrition student in law school who thought she understood the struggles of  major weight due to her own 15 or so pound weight loss. Unlike that incident you can tell Sylvia Tara has legitimately struggled with her weight throughout her […]

    Weight Loss and Self Improvement Thoughts for 2017 I’m not a big fan of self-improvement style goals for myself personally, but I do find most self-improvement material to have an implicit (sometimes explicit) theme that “If it doesn’t work for you, then there’s something wrong with you.” One of the more aha moments […]

  It’s always a good idea to get a feel for the perspective where information is coming from. I’ve learned the hard way that just because something works for one person, it may not work for someone else. “If I could do it anyone can,” sounds great but is not helpful or accurate at the end […]

Above is a video of a 20 day Fung fast /16 day water fast I did in late October/early November of 2016. It was the second 20 day fast I did. The previous being about six months before. It took a couple tries to get started. I usually try to eat a high protein meal […]

  When I started fasting for weight loss I was unaware of any large scale success stories other than that of legendary hero of fasting Angus Barbieri, (AKA “The Mad Scottsman”). After I did my initial fast I gradually found a few more, but there are not many out there and aside from Barbieri none seem […]

Where to Start Losing Weight Having done almost everything over the years and only finding real success with fasting, it would seem natural to recommend fasting first. I actually wouldn’t do that, though if you want to do some short fasts or try to restrict yourself to an eating window go ahead. I think the […]