20 day fung fast/16 day water fast report and video

Above is a video of a 20 day Fung fast /16 day water fast I did in late October/early November of 2016. It was the second 20 day fast I did. The previous being about six months before.

It took a couple tries to get started. I usually try to eat a high protein meal of something yummy before I start a fast. Usually a steak.

What also helped was heading to my parents house in a small town about 60 miles away to get some before and after pictures taken. Since I made the effort it created a small investment in continuing the fast that I think made it easier to get rolling.

It’s now early January. I did some small fasts in December but nothing overly large. This repeats the experience of the previous 20 day in that it’s hard to restart. Unfortunately, my Grandmother passed away on New Years day and I’ve been traveling so that also puts off the fasting, since I don’t like to fast while traveling. However, I did plan for this and I’m still noticing some improvement after the 20 day.

Lab tests didn’t improve significantly over the 20 day. However, I changed labs so not a lot ended up being comparable. Insulin was 11 uU/ml with a 4.2 to 27.9 range versus a 7.5 after the last 20 day fast but the reference range was 2.6 to 24.9 so I’m really thinking of it within the margin of error. Several years ago while on a fairly extreme low carb diet it was 40+ so in any case there’s a vast improvement.
Uric acid got up to 11.5 versus 13 on the last 20 day with a 4-8.5 reference range. Uric Acid increases over fasts and can cause gout or other problems so I think this is one more indication that for me 20 days is the maximum good idea for fast length.

Before and afters aren’t dramatic, but I can see measurable progress with the 20 day fast. My personal view is that fasting needs to become a habit and it’s not going to be a one shot deal. Unfortunately it will take time.

Here are the before and afters if you are interested. The side view was the best improvement I thought.


20 day water fast before and after